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Three iOS apps for those who have Pets

Recently it was found that in the App Store, despite the diversity of programmes, not so many applications for those who have Pets. Here collected are some of the tools useful for caring owners.

Tractive GPS Pet Finder

Those who have a young and active animals, you know that the puppy may, effortlessly, off the leash, and the cat — to run out the open door, and then it will have to search long.

Application developers Tractive GPS Pet Finder tried to solve this problem and created a program that allows you to track the movement of the cat or dog if it has any tracking of products from Tractive. Sensor you can buy at the pet store, electronics store, or order on the website of the manufacturer.

The program shows the location of the animal in real time, helps to track your pet and establish a safe zone — if your dog or cat goes beyond it, the owner receives the notice.

This is a good tool that works more efficiently than the phone number of the owner on the collar. Because the dog can get lost in the woods or other secluded spot.

The app can be downloaded in the App Store for free.

Unfortunately, neither the application nor the GPS tracker won’t help if the animal ran away with no collar, and it happens quite often — many of the dogs wear them only for walks, not to spoil the hair on the neck.


Fortunately, many of today’s Pets microchipped. The procedure of implanting a special radio-label is quick, painless and inexpensive.

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Information about the animal and its josaiah is recorded in the database. Reading the chip number with the help of special scanner, the vet can find out who owns the animal. In some European countries regular scanners chip is in online pet stores, animal shelters and security personnel.

Portable scanners you can buy in pet stores, electronics stores or order on AliExpress. App PetsApp developed by Datamars and compatible with its devices. Knowing the chip number, you can find information about the animal and its owners, after all, the program loaded the database.

If someone is found is clearly a pet without a collar or other interesting labels, this app can help to return the lost.

The program can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

The downside of program is that without a special scanner to find out information about the beast will be difficult. It is strange that modern smartphones are not able to read fairly simple radio-tags. In any case, the application that would work without any additional tools until it was found. — Dog Breed Detector

But the possibility of artificial intelligence allow us not only to identify what the photo depicts a dog, but to understand what it breeds.

You can run the app and point the camera of a smartphone on four-legged friend. After a quick analysis, the program makes a decision. The app works quite accurately, and the scanning writes on how animal like members of other species — this may be useful if you need to identify, for example, a cross between a Labrador and a husky.

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To determine the breed requires only a few seconds, during which it is better not to shake the camera, it can skew the results.

For example, when I checked the application on your own dog, in the frame were more of the wooden floor, the color of which was adopted for the color, and finally black Schipperke was recognized as a white-red Shiba inu. And when scanning from the side too I brought the camera, it affected the perception of the size and turned out Newfoundland.

It should be noted that the analysis mentioned the correct name of the breed, and of the more than 10 attempts only two gave an incorrect result.

The Application free download in the App Store.

Unfortunately, the program doesn’t work with saved images. To recognize the dog’s photo, will have to send the camera to the. In this case, the recognition accuracy decreases significantly.

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