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This year you need to buy an Android flagship with fast charging. For Example, OnePlus 6

Paul Gorodnitsky – functions, which are not crazy enough Apple devices.

Fast charge – sensitive topic more or less for any iPhone owner.

First, Apple introduced this format only in 2017 – before it was not. Second, the still alive memories of those times, when the iPhone 4S soared from zero to 100% per hour.

Thirdly, all around and so are ipatovskiy “dice” – so much sharper than with complete flat charge. It is generally better to postpone away – it is suitable only for the most extreme cases and the most patient of users.

Perhaps someone will say that 120-150 minutes on a full charge is the norm. I agree – there is no problem to attach the device to a wall outlet at night, remove in the morning and walk with him all day.

But! The essence of fast charging not in General, and in the start-up speed.

It just so happened that recently I went to not only with iPhone but also with Xiaomi Mi5, the flagship of 2016. The Chinese didn’t do anything special, but one thing amazes me: connect to the network, and in half an hour you have 55-60%. This, if desired, enough for the whole day.

It works for Qualcomm Quick Charge is an underrated technology that famously disguises the imperfection of the modern batteries.

Of course, fast charging is available for smartphones without a Snapdragon, but in the case of Qualcomm, we can say two things:

1. The battery from these loads will not explode and will not smoke;

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2. The battery will lose its capacity after a couple of months – on the contrary, average 20% worn appear after about 800 cycles. And 800 is really long.

Now the top-end chipset for Android devices- Snapdragon 845. It supports Quick Charge 4.0+, but in practice the flagships usually get the previous version, 4.0.

What does this mean in reality?

1. No overheating and other dangerous things for a battery;

2. 5-10 minutes of charging – 5 hours on the phone (Yes, in economy mode, but still cool);

3. 20 minutes of charging – 55-60% capacity;

4. Full charge in about an hour.

IPhone owners do not understand how this is useful: they put the phone to charge from for a long time because interest dropped max at the rate of 1% per minute, thus creating a dependency on the cord. And here at owners of Android devices have no such problems – they all can connect to the socket between the case and then immediately remove and not think about percent.

Hardly Apple will change something in the coming years. Formally quick charge now so no need to worry.

Therefore, you have to look at the market of Android smartphones. Who in there right?

1. Galaxy S9 – expensive, plus Snapdragon 845 only in the United States;

2. Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix – cheap, but may disappoint: LCD screen controversial shell MIUI, clumsy gesture support, broad scope – all with him;

3. LG G7 – will be released in late spring, then on the market until the summer, and will become cheaper with 50 thousand closer to the fall. For a long time;

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4. Nokia 9 – long-was supposed to debut, promising a clear 60% in 20 minutes, but it’s unclear what price and when at last the announcement.

The fifth option is the OnePlus 6. It has one minus – cut-out-style iPhone X. But this is China, nothing can be done.

What are the advantages?

  • Lightning fast, refined interface by optimizing and hell RAM;
  • Price in the region of $ 500 at the start for 64GB. In Russia – a maximum of 40 thousand rubles;
  • Screen – 6 inch, OLED, with brilliant brightness and sensitivity;
  • The variant with wooden case – already well in the same glass/metal flagships;
  • The same Snapdragon 845. Not only powerful, but also guarantees fast charging.

OnePlus 6 should debut in the second half of April. Perhaps after the premiere, it turns out that is not so cool, but if you are keen on buying Android flagship, wait for a better release, then to nothing to regret.

Deliveries will begin very quickly – within a couple of weeks after the announcement. The official Russian launch is better not to wait is long and profitable. So if OnePlus 6 will be really decent (we will write), you will need to either go to the grey sellers, or Chinese online shops. Believe me: it’s not scary.

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