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This year the color palette of the iPhone can be updated with new paints

Analyst Jun Zhang suggests that the cheapest iPhone of 2018 will be available in yellow, blue and pink color, reports 9to5Mac.

According to Zhang, Apple will have to somehow create a visual difference between the smartphones. He believes that this will help the new bright colors. Additional colors must attract the younger audience.

Since Apple will start producing, each year, three new smartphones, we believe that the company should separate the design of the model with LCD-display from the two models with the OLED screen. The only reasonable option is to add different colors.

Apparently, this is a personal assumption of the analyst, not backed up by leaks or information from the partners of Apple. But in practice, it has been the case when Apple released the cheaper multi-colored iPhone, to attract young buyers — we are talking about the iPhone 5c.

According to rumors, in 2018 Apple will release three smartphones: iPhone successor of X, a larger and cheaper version with frameless LCD display instead of OLED. Earlier, the former KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the cheapest iPhone will not be a 3D Touch.

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