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This year a record number of defectors from Android to iOS

In September, analyst firm Rbc conducted a study and concluded that among Android users there are many those who are planning to skip the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. In particular, the number of sales “phones” on the secondary market rose sharply for the fourth and each buyer, the iPhone 6s should be the first “Apple” product. Recent studies show that “Apple” communicators of the last generation is really attracted a large audience of owners of Android-devices.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the number of Android users who have switched to the new flagships of Apple was a record for the entire period of statistics collection. 26% of buyers of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus before used a smartphone platform Google. 70% of owners of new products before used another model of iPhone.

Last year the numbers of “defectors” was significantly lower. Only 12% of buyers iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus previously used Android devices, whereas three of the four new owners of flagship devices have moved on them with the previous iPhone models.

The study shows that many of those who moved on to “Apple” platform with Android prefers iPhone 6s Plus. This confirms the assumptions of analysts, that with its 5.5-inch smartphone Apple a major blow struck by the Samsung company, specializing in the production of large-size smartphones.

Earlier Apple CEO Tim cook revealed that former Android users are one of the main driving forces that contributed to the growth of iPhone sales. In addition, cook believes that they will help to sell more smartphones in the first quarter of 2016 financial year.

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According to cook, the recorded rates were a record since the company began keeping such statistics about three years ago. “We are proud of it”, — said the head of Apple. According to the company, slightly less than 70% of current iPhone owners of previous generations have not yet replaced their devices on actual. Tim cook believes that this means increased demand for new iPhone at least in the next quarter.

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