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“Think different”: the OnePlus copied Apple’s legendary slogan for the advertisement of your smartphone

“Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”, – once said Oscar Wilde. Then the PR team OnePlus is probably just adore Apple.

The official Twitter account manufacturer a teaser of the new smartphone with nedvosmisleno the words “Think different”. In the text of the tweet, the manufacturer says that “working on the perfect gift for your non-technical friends”.

Think Different (“Think differently”) is an advertising slogan created for Apple Computer in the office of advertising Agency TBWAChiatDay. The motto was used in television and print advertising, as well as in numerous promotions “Apple” products. Advertising campaign, launched in 1997, was incredibly successful and was able to return to consumers the confidence that they are dealing with a brand that perfectly understands how they feel.

Black PR is also PR. And there is no doubt, for what purpose borrowed OnePlus slogan the Apple. It’s so easy to draw attention to themselves by copying well-known brand, than to produce a product worthy of discussion.

And, by the way, OnePlus is not the only who uses this technique. For a long time Xiaomi has used in their presentations, the legendary phrase of Steve jobs “One more thing”. The latter so impressed the producer of Swatch watches that she decided to patent this phrase as their slogan.

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