Thing of the Day: Zens Announces AirPower

Zens Announces New Liberty Wireless Charging with 16 Charging Coils A kind of analogue of AirPower, but thicker and not so "smart".


Requiem for a dream: Apple officially canceled AirPower

Ilya Kichaev

March 30, 2019

Apple was unable to release AirPower and announced the closure of the project. The company wanted to release wireless charging, which will distinguish between devices and give them the right voltage. But it turned out to be difficult.

But Zens decided to present something very similar, but simpler: it really has 16 coils, but only two devices can be charged (three were planned in AirPower). There is also a USB port for connecting any device.

Two smartphones can be put as you like, and charging will begin. 15 watts will be given to each device.

Zens Liberty is made of aluminum, complete with a power adapter with a USB Type-C wire and a power of 45 watts. The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on the device.

On sale since November of this year. The regular version will cost $ 140, but a model with a transparent top will cost $ 180. Take only the more expensive version, and also do not forget to take out fire insurance – you never know.

If the device works as claimed, it’s a victory. But something is hardly believed in it: of course, Apple had a more complicated device, but even there they could not overcome strong heat.

Ready to order?

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