Thing of the Day: Seagate Game Drive External Hard Drive for PS4

Sony and Seagate announced the launch of a new product in the Russian and European markets. This is a 2 or 4 TB external hard drive for use with the PlayStation 4.

The Seagate Game Drive connects via USB 3.0 and provides fast game downloads as well as high performance. To use it, you need firmware 4.50 and newer, but the console model does not matter: any PS4 will do.

Why is this drive needed?

And what happens is there a lot of free space? Not everyone buys consoles with a lot of internal memory, and there’s always a little. A 2 TB hard drive is enough for 50 games (on average, a game for a console weighs 39 GB, but this is official data for June 2018). Or up to 100 games if you take Seagate at 4 TB.

And if my disk is stolen, then the games with it?

No, after transferring and saving data to disk, only the owner of the account that was used during the transfer will have access.

Thing of the Day: Seagate Game Drive External Hard Drive for PS4

A 2 TB Seagate Game Drive is sold for 6,900 rubles, and 4 TB – 9,400 rubles. You can find it in almost any Russian and European equipment store.

Can I only connect certified hard drives to my PS4?

No, but there are a few points that must be observed: USB 3.0 support, capacities from 250 GB to 8 TB, and console firmware version 4.50 or later. Therefore, you can even use your old hard drive if everything fits together.

What do you think? Do you even have a console and are you ready to purchase an Seagate external hard drive for it?

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