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These apps are now free. Hurry up to download

We selected five interesting apps that are temporarily available for free.

Tap Cam (229 RUB.)

Camera app with lots of effects applied in real time. Useful you can also select the image stabilizer, which indicates when the phone is in continuous position.

Basic Calc (149 rubles)

From the title it is clear that this is a simple calculator. There is engineering and the other modes, but there is a history of computing and pleasant appearance.

Exif Viewer Pro (was 229 RUB. )

A useful application that will show all the data about the photo: ISO, shutter speed, focal length, camera model and lens, shooting time and aperture. You can also select and delete unnecessary data.

Depello (229 RUB.)

This app is great for fans of mobile photography. With it, you can do the black-and-white, leaving a color selective areas of a photo.

Taskcode (149 rubles)

In Taskcode tasks are created and grouped by code, for example, — name, # date, @ time, $ — repeat, % — subtask, and * color.

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