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There were photos of wireless charging iPhone 8

This tiny detail will be responsible for the ability to recharge the flagship without using a cable. Fits inside a smartphone.The author of the leak is an intriguing portal Slashleaks.

A couple of days ago the Network leaked the pictures of wireless charging, which presumably is specially designed for iPhone 8. Of course, the new functionality Apple chooses to make, so the accessory will be sold separately. But in order for this method of replenishment of the battery charge worked support at iron level is necessary and most iPhone 8.

Thus, the same receiver module, but much smaller, will be installed in the smartphone. The photo of this component a few hours ago published a resource Slashleaks known as one of the most effective insiders in the IT industry.

Among the sad news for future buyers of the iPhone 8 can be attributed to the fact that support wireless charging hardware the smartphone will receive a software in a few months.

Apple does not fit with the timing of development and, according to multiple rumors and confirmations from insiders, a number of additional features iPhone 8 will receive after the start of sales. In a word, all as in Tesla — money today, and the autopilot — “someday in the future.”

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