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Theft iPhone a Buddhist monk in Thailand was caught on video

In Thailand, the surveillance camera captured the theft of the Apple, which was carried out by a Buddhist monk. The incident occurred last week in the province of Chumporn.

The stories of the owner iPhone, employee of a local rice shops, came to her door for alms, the two cultist. So regularly do many Buddhist monks throughout Thailand. A woman, suspecting nothing, left the room to call the mistress of the shop, which at this point was watching the workers install air conditioning on the second floor.

When the monks left unattended, one of them immediately grabbed lying on the counter iPhone and hid it in the folds of his orange robes. Thereafter, the petitioners left the store.

The lady of the shop offers information about the robbers a reward of 5,000 baht (about $150). The smartphone is very valuable for her as it contains a database of all its business contacts and accounts.

There is speculation that the attackers are not real monks and impostors who have purchased religious apparel just for the purpose of such thefts.

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