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The YouTube video player on iPad no longer allows you to open videos in full screen

Google changed the algorithm of the YouTube video player for tablets. In particular, now on the iPad there is no option to open videos in full screen. This drew the attention of the reviewers of the German portal Apfelpage.

Until recently, when viewing YouTube videos on websites via Safari users were able to reverse the video. Now Google, changing the design of the player, at the same time disconnected the opportunity. The video player in the mobile browser now looks exactly as on desktop platforms, with the exception of the missing button, “full screen”.

But now iPad owners can change the video resolution, enable subtitles and links, like, add videos to the journal “pending” and redirect the video to normal YouTube app by clicking on the appropriate icon in the player.

On the iPhone YouTube player has not changed – users can still open the video full screen.

Note that from 1 may the YouTube app stopped working on Apple devices released in 2012 and older versions. Owners of iPhone and iPads running iOS 6 and below as well as Apple TV owners first and second generation who have not installed the latest update, will no longer be able to use the service.

The Internet giant explained updating the YouTube Data API. In fact, the company has limited access to the content in your site without viewing the ads. Previous formats allowed you to watch videos without Prasolov and mikolow.

Now about 5% of the total number of idevices users — those who have not had the opportunity to be updated or didn’t do it out of personal reasons, can only use YouTube in the browser and, of course, with advertising.

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