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The Yekaterinburg sued Apple 113 000 after refusing to refund money for the defective iPhone 6 due to the fall of the ruble

Resident of Ekaterinburg were able to sue the money for the Apple iPhone 6, bought in December 2015, taking into account the changes in price as a result of the growth rate of the US dollar. About it reports local resource Е1.Ru.

A year ago, Boris bought iPhone 6 in the Apple online store. Three months the phone worked flawlessly and then started to hang and shut down – until one day turned off completely. In a broken machine left all photos, contacts and videos.

“Are unable to turn it on, and everything that was in the phone was gone. Took it to the service where experts have acknowledged that the phone is defective. By this point the consumer has already decided that such a model is not satisfied, and more appropriate other, and asked to return money, – has told the lawyer that helped defend the interests of the consumer, Anastasia Gulyaeva. – He offered to refund only the money that the customer paid for the phone in December”.

The defendant offered to replace the phone on the same, but Boris did not agree and asked to return the money – but at that price, how much the phone costs today. Initially the phone was worth 31 999 rubles, and now – 48 999 rubles.

“Due to the drop in the ruble came a paradoxical situation. The phone has risen by almost 20 000. In accordance with the law, the consumer has got the right to demand from Apple to return the phone now – 48 999 rubles. However, Apple’s official representative LLC “Apple Rus” such position of the Russian Federation law “On protection of consumer rights”, apparently, was not satisfied because the seller voluntarily refused to pay the cost of the phone – says the lawyer. – Condition of the proposed peace agreement did not suit”.

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According to human rights defenders, non-pecuniary damage was originally estimated only 2 000 rubles, and the client was left without a phone for more than 3 months.

In the end, the point in dispute between the seller and the buyer set Kirovskiy district court of Ekaterinburg. The judge completely sided with the consumer. With the “Apple” of the Corporation had recovered the initial cost of the phone, the difference between the old and new price, a fine, a penalty.

As stated in the decision on the website of the Kirov regional court, Apple has to pay the consumer 113 386 rubles. The court decision has entered into legal force.

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