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The Xiaomi Mi laptop Notebook Air second generation will get a ultralight magnesium-lithium alloy

In the middle of 2016 Xiaomi unveiled its first Mi Air laptop Notebook, earning numerous positive reviews. A little later the company began selling a version of Mi Notebook Air with LTE modem. And recently it became known that Xiaomi is working on a second generation of its laptop.

According to IDC, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 2 will be launched launched in April of this year. The source found that the new product will be as slim as the predecessor, and the body of the laptop is made of magnesium-lithium alloy, which significantly reduces the weight of the device compared to its predecessor. When compared with pure aluminum, this alloy weighs 75% less.

The only drawback of magnesium-lithium alloy at the moment is its price, laptops with such cases were few producers. So, the model of the 13.3-inch NEC Lavie Z, launched in 2012, weighs only 880 g.

In addition, the production of the Xiaomi laptop will be more cost-effective. But whether it will affect its value, it is not yet clear.

According to analysts, the Mi Notebook Air first generation has sold more than 110 000 units only in the third quarter of last year, occupying 2% of the Taiwan market. In the fourth quarter, its share is expected to increase to 4%.

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