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The wrestler with the gay emojis in iOS introduced a law banning social network to children under the age of 14. Registration only on the passport

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, known for fighting “gay smiley” on the iPhone, has submitted to Parliament a draft law “On the legal regulation of social networking”. This must be a new Federal law governing communication on the Internet.

At the initiative Milonov, social networks can not be used by children up to 14 years “regardless of citizenship”. Registration in the social network will take place on the ID card, which allows you to set the age of the user.

In the explanatory note to the bill, Milonov said, what is currently happening in social networks in Russia is actually not regulated. “… the draft Federal law proposes to prohibit the use of social networking to persons, not reached 14-summer age”, – the document says. The need for this is due to the alleged growing popularity of so-called “groups of death” and the fact that in social networks on students affect troubled Teens who consume alcohol and “leading an immoral life”.

Users will not be able to register in social networks under false names. In addition, Milonov proposes to prohibit the spread of social networking screenshots of correspondence without the permission of the individuals involved in it.

“To be able to prosecute the specific distribution of the above materials and to eliminate the sense of impunity for all that is happening in the space of social networks, it is proposed to legislate the order of registration in the social network,” – noted in the explanatory Memorandum.

In 2015, on the initiative of Milonov in Russia started an investigation against Apple because of the propaganda of homosexuality. The reason for this so-called gay emoticons. Pictures contain images of same-sex couples, including with children appeared in iOS. Then Milonov said that Apple should release specially for Russia version of the operating system without gay emoticons, otherwise he’ll demand from Roskomnadzor to block the OS.

“Each update is a slap in our direction. This is not propaganda of same-sex relationships is integration. Giving the status of the perversion of normal relations. Apple worms need to produce for Russia, a special version of iOS,” said Milonov.

The official also demanded to ban the entry into Russia Apple’s CEO Tim cook who admitted to sexual orientation. “What does he bring? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhea?… Prohibit entry forever” — said the Deputy.

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