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The world’s smallest touchscreen phone was estimated at $ 30

The company Vphone presented “the world’s smallest touchscreen phone”. A device called the Vphone S8 has dimensions of 46.7×37,3×9.9 mm and weighs just 30 g.

A cursory look at Vphone S8 may seem that this is the smart watch without strap. However, this producer has tried to stand out against competitors inventing their offspring pretty sounding name.

Touch screen products with a diagonal of 1.54 inches covered with 2.5 D glass. The smartphone includes a MediaTek MT2502 processor, 64 MB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory and battery 380 mAh. Has a slot for memory cards microSD.

Vphone S8 can be used as a companion to a smartphone running iOS or Android about as well as smart watch, connecting to your device via Bluetooth and giving you the opportunity to answer or make calls, reply to messages, etc.

The phone has a built-in FM radio, heart rate sensor, pedometer, earphone Jack and ambient light sensor.

Features of Vphone S8 not impressive, but in this case we are talking about really tiny phone — it is not smart watch, but still not a true smartphone.

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