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The world’s smallest Apple IIe is working on the chip for $9

Want to become the owner of the Apple IIe, but don’t want to spend several thousand dollars on eBay? You can recreate the legendary Apple computer just for $9, and all you need is a cheap processor and 3 inch display.

A mini version of the computer created a user under the name Cupcakus, is based on the chipset C. H. I. P , which may compete with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Instead of having to turn your PC into the socket, here we use the 12-volt battery, which is used in the drones. One charge is enough for 10 hours of continuous operation.

Tiny keyboard here only for the view directly to input use standard Bluetooth-version. Is there a sound in games is supported by the joystick.

The first draft wrote a resource, which is planning to prepare detailed instructions for creating miniature copies of the Apple IIe. Models for 3D printing housings mini version of the Apple IIe is available at this link.

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