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The world’s most powerful Nvidia Titan Xp 3840 CUDA cores will be compatible with Mac

New Nvidia Pascal Xp will be compatible with Mac computers, thanks to new beta drivers Pascal, which will appear in April. This was reported on the official website of the manufacturer.

Previously, Apple used in their computers GPUs that AMD has released, but users have often replaced them with Nvidia. In addition, the latest MacBook Pro can connect an external graphics card via Thunderbolt 3.

The new model is called the Titan Xp and Nvidia based graphics processor GP102 architecture Pascal. This product is made on 16-nanometer technology in the enterprise. The chip has approximately 12 billion transistors.

If last year’s model GPU has 3584 CUDA cores, the new active all of 3840 cores. This means that the number of texture units has increased from 224 to 240. The GPU operates at a frequency of 1582 MHz, 12 GB of memory now have 11 frequency of 400 MHz, and the bandwidth reaches 547,7 GB/s.

Memory bus width 384 is equal to discharge. For work adapter requires the connection of two additional power connectors (8+6). Declared TDP is 250 watts.

Thanks to the support of cards with the architecture of Pascal, Mac users will have access to new features and the most powerful graphics card that exists to date.

Although Mac and not much interested in gamers, they are often used by fashion designers and representatives of other professions who work with complex 3D graphics and video in high resolution. In this case, the power of the GPU is of great importance.

On the Russian market graphics accelerator Nvidia Pascal Xp will be sold for an estimated price of 88 900 rubles.

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