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The world’s first iPhone case with built-in selfie stick raised money on Kickstarter [video]

StikBox – original box for iPhone, which actually makes selfie sticks unnecessary. The fact that the foldable stick for selfie is already built into this case. The Creator of the accessory, the Israeli engineer Kutiel Sherman, has successfully collected for the month 35 000 pounds for the release of their inventions.

Accessory intended for enthusiasts to attract attention in social networks, has the dimensions of a standard case and weighs 130 g. “Why carry two things when you can just have one?” – rhetorically asks the inventor of novelties.

StikBox the thickness of only 16 mm, and the rear part contains folded aluminium sections with a total length of about 71 cm When the selfie-stick you need, just put her pull to the last section, and then turn off the smartphone at the required angle, and can shoot.

The back panel of the case can also turn away from your smartphone – get support and stand. Thanks Stikbox self-portrait will be more interesting, and the camera lens can fit more people, I’m sure the developer.

A month ago, Sherman launched a campaign to raise funds to start production of the device on the website Kickstarter. Necessary amount of 33 000 pounds was collected through the efforts of 900 service users.

Planned two versions of the case, compatible with iPhone 6/6s Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. At 19 pounds, you can reserve yourself one of the “normal” instance, and at 29 pounds with the optional Bluetooth remote control.

First buyers will get a case with built-in selfie stick in may 2016.

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