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The world’s first camera with 16 lenses is like two iPhone [video]

The Light company presented an innovative L16 camera that uses 16 lenses with different focal lengths. Each of them is equipped with its own 13-megapixel sensor. The device is enclosed in a slim compact body.

Image remove the modules, grouped according to the focal distance: five 35-millimeter modules, five 70-millimeter and six 150-mm. The last two built in optical system with broken optical axis, wherein the optics and the sensor head is perpendicular to the shooting direction. The camera is equipped with a wireless interface Wi-Fi, so photos can be sent to the computer or put it on the Internet.

Light L16 may make high-quality images in low light conditions. At the same time to photograph can 10 lenses. “Fused” as a result, the image produced is high quality with a resolution of 52 megapixels. Users can change the focus after shooting.

The developers have positioned their development as an alternative to SLR cameras, which bring inconvenience to the photographer when changing lenses.

Leave a pre-order for the camera on the developers website for $1299. To deliver the camera to the buyer promised next summer. From 6 November, the chamber will rise in price to $ 1699.

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