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The woman in the black Mercedes was stolen from the seller iPhone 6s, and then knocked down a pedestrian

Selling iPhone with the hands should always follow the safety precautions. Deciding to sell the smartphone through website ads, a resident of St. Petersburg lost their gadget and witnessed a traffic accident.

The day before the police of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg turned 22-year-old man, who said that an unknown woman stole his iPhone and while trying to escape from the scene hit a pedestrian.

As reported, all occurred at the house No. 40 korp. 4 on Avenue Toreza. Day 9 Oct 2016 man set up a meeting to sell his iPhone 6s. Came to a black Mercedes the lady asked to give her the phone to have a better look and ask the price. When the young man handed her iPhone, the woman jumped into his car and tried to flee the scene.

The man said that, away from the pursuit, the lady knocked down a woman pedestrian. She was traumatized, had to call a medical team to provide emergency care. The victim was taken away by ambulance.

The amount of damage amounted to 49 000 rubles. Presently police establishes all circumstances of an event. A search of the suspect.

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