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The whole truth about the Chinese “killer” iPhone Xiaomi, LeEco, Meizu and OnePlus. The opinion of the owners

Today, Chinese smartphones at the peak of its popularity. The interest of consumers to products Huawei, Meizu and Xiaomi forced to worry even one of the leaders of the market leader Apple. Only at the end of the second quarter sales of “Apple” brand in China decreased by 33% compared to the same period last year, and the market share of Apple smartphones in China, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, decreased by 1.8% to 17.9 percent. Lead in the Chinese market, Huawei with a share of 25.7% and Xiaomi with 18.5%.

After major brands Huawei and ZTE came to Russia smaller company — Meizu, Xiaomi, OnePlus and LeEco. Publishing Hi-Tech Mail has published the views of the owners budget and flagship models from Chinese rivals iPhone and issued a verdict.

Meizu mini M3s

Pros: “Cohesive unit” in a slim metal body with a 2.5 D glass bribed the users design and low price. Notes decent performance and battery life: the battery will last for two days, “moderate use”. The speed and accuracy of the thumbprint scanner is delighted: “it Works better and faster than iPhone,” writes one of the owners.

Cons: the Case is made of substandard material: “it is quite easy to cosmetic defects”. The vaunted fingerprint scanner often fails, the same happens and touch “Back” button. Camera “Soaps”, the colors faded, and when it is low lighting “choking” noises. Users moved on Meizu mini M3s with the old iPhone regret what you did: “If not Apple, then who?”

Referee: Cheap elegant middling performance in a metal housing. The photographers will be disappointed with the camera quality. Worth buying smartphone in white retail, in the event of failure of the fingerprint scanner had no problem with the return or warranty repair.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3s

Pros: the Attention of the vast majority attracted by the low price tag. The lucky owners of the smartphone in awe of the battery: it lasts for two days in an intensive mode. The hardware is powerful enough – you can even play. The final touch is a quick fingerprint scanner: the smartphone rasplachivaetsya less than a second.

Cons: you Need to follow the firmware update, so as not to drown the bugs, then the time zone will reset after a reboot, incoming calls are not detected, then the cheek on the screen during a call, press. The nuances of darkness! In General, “dances with a tambourine not to avoid” – sums up the users.

Referee: Middling with an impressive battery life for little money. Well, all except the “raw” firmware. For geeks the need to delve into the smartphone only in joy, but for the average person it will cause a bad mood.

LeEco Le 2

Pros: For little money you get everything from the metal body to a powerful processor and a USB port. There is even a quick charge.

Cons: “running out of Battery as fast as charged,” writes one user. Under intensive load charge may not be enough even for a day. A report on the peep out of the USB connector – the naked ear can’t hear it, but when recording video or audio, and during the conversation he reveals himself. Camera body even in daylight, say users. The trick in the absence of a 3.5 mm audio connector for many was the lack of a smartphone.

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Referee: a Beautiful, powerful, modern smartphone. But, unfortunately, leaves the impression of incompleteness. It seems that the manufacturer was in a hurry to put it on sale.

Xiaomi Mi5

Pros: “the phone without compromise. It really does everything I need and does it beautifully!” The smartphone is not inferior to brand-name flagships with similar filling and is significantly cheaper, sure users. It is noted not only high performance, but also feature fast charging: one hour before 100%. The back and the front camera is just gorgeous, written by the owners of the smartphone.

Cons: Many annoying black frame around the screen. “Eats battery like crazy.” Firmware is infested with nasty things. When an incoming call specifies the number of the caller, not the name from the phone book, even if the caller is recorded, said one user. “After you add a fingerprint, then it is not deleted. But this is easily solved with a temporary shift to English,” – says another. It is noteworthy that complaints about the firmware of this model is much less than the budget Xiaomi Redmi 3s.

Referee: This flagship would be excellent, if not “dampness” firmware and high power consumption.

Meizu MX6

Pros: “like All well-known flagships, only cheaper at times,” the opinion of the users. Cool design a-la the iPhone 6. Performance is also excellent. No freezes, no slowdown is not seen, says one of the owners of the smartphone. Also praise fast charging, thanks to which the smartphone “eats” up to 100% in 75 minutes, the camera and the sound in the headphones.

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Cons: Users don’t like the lack of the slot under the microSD card. They also report that with heavy load the smartphone is decently heated, and the battery has barely enough until the evening.

Referee: flagship Killer. Powerful, beautiful, inexpensive, but autonomy is lame.

OnePlus 3

Pros: in Addition to the design, construction and materials users report ultimate performance and admire 6 GB of RAM. Praise the mode button. “Very handy thing, especially for me, as a former iPhone owner,” explains one of the owners. Camera, quick charge, accurate fingerprint scanner, reasonable price and clean Android 6.0 Marshmallow – the advantages of this smartphone, according to Runet.

Cons: Slippery case. Many would like more autonomy. They write that the battery lasts for a day. Seen several cases of arbitrary reboot. The camera is poorly manifests itself when shooting at night.

Referee: Considering the price, this smartphone can be called the best in the collection.

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