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The Westport Independent is a word not a Sparrow

“Honest newsboy sold once,” said Henry Ford, then to his idea continued Sergei Dovlatov: not once, but many, how often and at flea markets. Approval old, but the issue of fairness and objectivity in the media is a sharp knife and now – in the heyday of all kinds of propaganda. The authors of the game The Westport Independent give you a rare chance to get used to the role of a real journalist, and to choose: to be the voice of truth or the Pro-government publication.

The second half of the 40s, Britain. Just ended the war the authorities are in a party of loyalists reigns: disperse rallies, screw the dissenters, repress the opposition and, of course, free press. They are guys from the South docks and workers ‘ quarters: while the aristocracy chokes on a lobster, they live in the mud. The conflict is heating up and not the latest catalyst in this scheme is the journal of The Westport Independent – or rather, her editor.

The working day begins with topics: on the docks, the police again detained protesters, a famous movie star gained three kilograms (guilty confectioners), the authorities burn the opposition papers. The newspaper will only fit four of the material (number of bands), so think twice what edition you today pretend to be – criminal Bulletin, the chronicle or secular all at once. From the tone of the material depends on the popularity in different areas of the city: the docks are reading about the murder in the center – about celebrities.

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But the choice of content – not the main task of the editor, your main goal is to decide for whom you. Any note can be turned on its head: from an innocent message about a new biography of the President to build hysteria, and the news about the shooting of workers to make a note in the style of “the police coped with the terrorists”. From each polar material public pendulum swinging in one direction or another for loyalists or proletarian opposition. Sooner or later you will overdo it, and they come for you: people from a black funnel or covered in gasoline.

Painless you can complete the game just to survive 13 weeks in the format of “all the sisters on earrings” – but it is not interesting: in the end, The Westport Independent because is not about that. It is about an amazing opportunity (and ability) to turn. One naked news – but the tone, and as a result, the final message can be quite different. You are offered not only to experience the crystal system of the mass media, but also personally to do this for you – I think, after a hearty party in The Westport Independent the player from another angle would be to watch the news on TV.

Interestingly, you never know – you print the truth or fiction. Nobody will tell whether the government really cut in the dungeons of detainees meetings with students, or so neutralized the dangerous enemies of the state and stability. Every choice – even the smallest – will remain subjected to skepticism: is what I did correct or not?

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Is a simulator of a journalist almost 400 rubles, and it is certainly outrageous in the Newspapers complain. But the fault of the developers here – with this course any product with initial monetary price tag will be expensive. We note only that The Westport Independent is no Russian language for meaningful games will require some knowledge of English.

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