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The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain – cubes or death

You probably can’t tell, but called the Warlock Of Firetop Mountain hides well-known and long-popular brand back in the 80’s came heimbuch with the same name, which instantly became a hit. Later The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain was turned into a classic Board game, and now a common PC-users have evaluated in the last year, and the owners of iOS will be able to play the game just now. But is it worth it?

So you know what you will have is to play, to put it mildly, strongly mixed with the classic Board traditions. Heimbuck, which became the primary source – something like a Board game for one player is busy with a book, where many versions of the story, and still have to throw the dice. Desktop version adapted for the company, but this highbrow Fleur will not go away – remember any episode of “big Bang Theory” where the guys were sitting around books with rules, energy drinks, chips and do not understand ladies. Here it is about the same, but in a single format.

In the plot particularly deep there is no sense enough to know that the case involved the warlocks, old curse, secret formulas, monsters and valiant knight-hero. Actually, once you choose a character, the game starts and is first run through a simple training, and then throw in deep waters.

Book the source makes itself known immediately: “You see a dark narrow walls, filled with water droplets. The frosty air burns your face” – this literary evening will haunt you throughout the game. The book will show the way – but you will have all the chances to enter some of my pages. Every minute you will put before a choice: to go left or right to turn on the switch or bothered to open the door or pass by. It looks extremely funny – The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain stylized illustration in the rule book, and you will not only control the man-thing, but traveling the world like vyleplennye of papier-mache.

However, the campaign will soon cease to be peaceful – you need someone attacks. Here the camera is close to the action, a small field is divided into cells, and you throw dice. And then hit – or retreat. The skill depends on many things, but the luck factor has not been canceled: a successful attack is ultimately measured by the amount of the dropped digits. However, important other figures – your endurance, luck and “skill”. So don’t forget to invest in the hero not only the soul, but something more tangible.

Quests and major plot twists here, in General, is simple, so do not think to be in the middle of the linear Baldur’s Gate – The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain will be easier. But worse – if you stick headphones to read miles of text and deliriously to follow a combination of cubes, it will take a long time: the mysterious atmosphere of ancient fantasy works flawlessly.

The problem in all of this is only one – The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain asked almost 400 rubles, which is a bit outrageous. Oh, and one catch – translation to Russian is somehow not happened, so a little bit to understand English is necessary, otherwise it will be quite interesting.

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