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The video first showed an underground conference hall where Apple will introduce the iPhone 8

During the year Apple expects to complete construction of the new headquarters, which Steve jobs called “space ship” not only because of its futuristic design, but also due to its impressive size. In the list of amazing architectural solutions will also the new hall campus, which will include a presentation of future iPhone 8 and iPad Air 4. In the Internet appeared the video about the construction of the headquarters, which was first shown to an underground audience of Apple.

Apple’s new campus will occupy an area of 2.8 million square feet (about 260 sq. m. 100), which is approximately 230% larger than the existing headquarters of the company. In close proximity to the main building in the form of “flying saucers” under the earth will be conference hall with a capacity of 1000 people. It is here that Apple is planning to launch their new products.

The entrance to the room topped with a huge glass construction that will Eclipse the main new York Apple Store. In the future Apple will abandon the usual Moscone West center for the arts Yerba Buena in San Francisco and will be holding out their online broadcast announcements. The construction of the conference hall, according to sources, will cost Apple $161 million.

Based on the drawings published on the official website of the administration of Cupertino, the entrance to this hall will be the largest glass structure built Apple. Design for all options will exceed the existing Apple stores in new York and Shanghai.

The construction of Apple’s new campus is planned to be completed in 2016 or early 2017.

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