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The very first computer Apple want to sell for a million dollars

The first Apple computer put up for auction auction house Christie’s in new York. This was announced on Monday, the members of the house.

According to experts, the cost model, which appeared on the market in 1976 in the amount of about 200 copies, is $500,000, but may grow up to a million — this is evidenced by previous experience in selling different computer brands Apple 1 which was sold for $905 000. Then the device was sold in late October at Bonhams auction in new York, and the final cost is almost two times higher than estimated. It is believed that to date there are not more than 50 computers of this model.

The pricing can also significantly influence the fact that put up for sale computer is the first personal Apple computer. Machine sold together with a rare manual, on the cover of which depicts the famous scene with Isaac Newton and the Apple. The author of illustrations is Ronald Wayne who founded Apple Computer with Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak.

“It all started with Apple-1 and with this computer. Few remember seeing a child playing with an iPad or iPhone that start all this has put the Apple-1. Many would seem a tempting idea to get hold of the very device that started the digital revolution,” said organizers of the auction Christie’s.

For sale computer is part of the first batch of Apple 1, which was made in the summer of 1976 a friend of Steve jobs — inventor Steve Wozniak. Initially, Wozniak put together the device for personal use and only later decided to sell it.

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Previously, experts have found that investing in securities of Apple computers is much more profitable than traditional investing. They can bring much bigger benefit to the investor. In 2004, a private collector Bob Luther purchased the Apple 1 at $7 600, and last December sold it at Christie’s auction already for $365 000.

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