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The value of Apple for the first time in history exceeded $800 billion

On Monday, Apple, with 2012 being the most valuable company in the world, has crossed an important threshold – the capitalization of “Apple” giant for the first time exceeded $800 billion. this is evidenced by the exchange Nasdaq.

Securities the most expensive in the world of the Corporation on may 8 increased by 2.9%, to $153 per share. As a result, the capitalization of Apple exceeded $800 billion per year has increased by more than 60%.

Apple at the opening of trading on Monday updated its own record in terms of capitalization. At the beginning of the session, the shares of the Corporation exceeded $150, and its market value increased to $812 billion.

“16:15 quotes the iPhone maker topped $ 150 per share, and market capitalization exceeded $ 800. The previous record Corporation established in February 2015, when it was worth $774,7 billion”, – stated in the message CNBC.

Since the beginning of the 2017 securities Apple rose in total by 29%. Analysts recalled forecast that capitalization of Apple could exceed $1 trillion; the same assumption was made in 2015. Now, the market value of the California giant is much higher than competitors in the high-tech sector — Google ($651 billion) and Microsoft ($531 billion).

Record growth of quotations of experts associated with the message of billionaire Warren Buffett, who declared that it continues to invest millions in Apple shares. Their actions, he explained that he sees in the Corporation a technology company, for him the main thing that Apple is a manufacturer of consumer goods.

“Apple remains the most expensive in the world a public company, although in February 2016 for some time lost the title Alphabet, the management structure of Google. In early may of the current year cash savings the iPhone maker topped $250 billion, that is, was more than the combined currency reserves of Canada and the UK”, – notes the edition.

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