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The user bought the iPhone 6s with a defect battery, but could not change it on the Apple

In October of this year, Apple has launched a program of free replacement batteries spontaneously switched off the iPhone 6s. Under its action get models released in between September to October 2015. However, as it turned out, this is not the only requirement for warranty exchange in Russia it is necessary that the device was officially purchased in our country.

Edition Onliner told the story of the reader from Belarus Eugene, who had hoped for a “world warranty” by Apple. Last year he bought overseas iPhone 6s, and in November learned that the California manufacturer has recognized the existence of marriage in some batches of such devices. The phone just falls under the replacement program.

The problem, recall, is connected with the battery, because of a defect in which the iPhone 6s can be spontaneously turned off. Eugene checked out smartphone a serial number on the Apple website and saw that may qualify for the free replacement of the defective item.

On the Apple website specifies that a free battery replacement you need to provide an iPhone 6s in the company’s service center. Eugene decided to go to a local service, positioning itself as times as authorized. But he refused, citing the fact that “the relevant order is not received”.

As told to representatives of the distributor of Apple, the battery will be free to change only those iPhone 6s which were officially sold in the local market.

Thus, in order to participate in the program, battery replacement Apple, owners of “gray” gadgets will have to go to the country where it sold the device.

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