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The USA included “Vkontakte” in the list of the main pirate resources of Russia

Russian Internet-services “Vkontakte”, and included in the new list of the USA, which publishes websites violating intellectual property rights. It is reported by the office of U.S. representative for trade negotiations in the Cabinet rank (USTR).

“VKontakte” are presented in the report on this subject as “one of the most popular websites in the world and extremely popular social network in Russia and neighboring countries.” “It is reported that Americans, without reference to specific sources of information, – VK contributes to the dissemination of materials that violate copyright law.”

In addition to the “Vkontakte” in the black list, featured Libgen Bookfi and, the site of sound allegedly based in the Ukraine and Russia, as well as to the gaming site and multifunction and The latter supposedly also located in Russia.

Reports on the violation of intellectual property rights around the world distributed in the USA annually.

At the same time, the authors of the report note that in the fight against intellectual piracy in Russia, there is progress. The assistant head of the USTR acknowledged that “there is a marked improvement.” As an example, he called “Vkontakte”.

“Rights holders point to positive signals in several areas, he said. In particular, it is noted that “Vkontakte” have concluded a licensing agreement with major record companies. It has also taken steps to limit the possibility of other applications for downloading protected content.”

Inclusion in the us blacklist in itself no legal effect causes. However, therefore, USTR “draws needed attention to the markets and authorities” who can take action.

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