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The US government demands an explanation from Apple due to the slow old iPhone

9 January 2018, the Chairman of the Committee on trade, Senator John Thun sent a letter to Tim cook demanding to explain the reasons why Apple decided to slow down the old iPhone. According to The Wall Street Journal.

In early January of 2018, the investigation against Apple began the French Prosecutor’s office and special Department of the Ministry of economy of France. They were joined by the US government.

The authorities want to know how the Corporation came to the conclusion about the necessity of slowing smartphone with worn batteries. In particular, John Thun was asked how Apple keeps track of customer complaints about slow performance. The Senator wondered whether the Corporation considered the possibility of providing compensation to those customers who had replaced the battery iPhone before the official launch of the campaign at a reduced change batteries.

“We offer Apple solutions drew criticism from customers. Many are outraged by the failure of the Corporation to provide replacement batteries free of charge,” — said in a letter to John tune.

He also notes that replacing worn out batteries have to wait for a few weeks. According to the Senator, this situation is not acceptable for users.

Tim cook and his team have time to prepare a detailed response to the appeal until January 23, 2018.

While the press service, Apple reported that the decision to reduce the performance of some smartphones was necessary. Over time the battery capacity decreases, and no adjustments from the iPhone software with worn-out batteries can just suddenly cut off. The performance slowdown can be observed on the iPhone 6, 6S, SE and 7.

Exchange and banking analysts believe that the situation of the battery will adversely affect the sales of Apple smartphones. According to experts of the Bank, Barclay’s, in 2018, the Corporation will sell 16 million iPhones less. This will lead to a shortfall 10,29 billion dollars in revenue. Analysts fear that users will change the battery, instead of having to spend money on new smartphones.

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