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The US eased sanctions against Crimea, allowing to use Facebook and iMessage

The U.S. Treasury Department withdrew from the sanctions of the American public Internet services that were not available for residents of the Crimea because of the limitations of the government in relation to the Peninsula.

The U.S. Treasury Department has published on its website an Executive order clarifying the order of application of sanctions in the field of software and services web hosting. From the document follows that in the Crimea allowed services, providing communication via the Internet (including social network app for sharing messages and photos, email. That is, the easing of sanctions applies to services that are widely available and free for users.

Thus, under the “Amnesty” get iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and other services. Moreover, there is information that the American social network on the Peninsula and work so well. Not ceased operations also Skype and Gmail, disable, which feared the inhabitants of the Peninsula.

The package of sanctions, which banned the export of American goods, services and technologies on the territory of the Peninsula, was signed by the President of the United States in December 2014. By the decree of Barack Obama and the decision of the European Union banned new investments and export, re-export, sale and delivery of goods, services and technologies from USA and EU in the Crimea. In addition, prohibited business relationships with companies that are controlled by the inhabitants of the Peninsula.

After that, on the termination of deliveries to Crimea announced a number of companies, including Apple, Dell, HP, etc. in addition, ceased to provide services to users of the company online trading eBay and its payment service PayPal, as well as some other online services, including advertising platforms AdWords and AdSense, online shopping App Store, Mac App Store and Google Play.

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In March 2015 Obama signed a decree extending the sanctions for another year. The document said about the extension of the regime of the “emergency” associated with “an extraordinary threat to national security and U.S. foreign policy” and created “the actions and policies of persons undermining democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine”.

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