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The US authorities want to oblige Apple to add iPhone driving mode

Smartphones have become an important part of everyday life of modern people. They can be used for calls, text communication, Internet connectivity, games and more. For many, constant communication with your phone has become a habit that is difficult to refuse even while driving. But look at your phone while you are driving — not a good idea.

The transport police departments worldwide achieve a ban on the use by drivers of mobile devices. This is logical, because cell phones distract people behind the wheel, and this can lead to accidents, because if the driver in a timely manner will not see the danger, and slow down, he also did not have time. And indeed, in such situations seconds.

Three American scientists who recently published the findings of its new study in the appropriate journal, believe that the ban on the use of smartphones behind the wheel does not affect the number of accidents. Relevant evidence was found. One of the researchers confirmed that the use of phones by drivers is really dangerous, and if it is not preventable, it should not be expected to reduce the number of accidents.

There are several different solutions that try to minimize the risks inherent in those cases when users do not pay enough attention to the road. Technlogy Apple CarPlay created to ensure that people are driving less distracted from driving. But it is believed that the best way of using smartphones behind the wheel — not to touch them at all.

“Your smartphone is no longer just a communication device, he does a variety of things, – said the Ministry of transport. – Distraction of drivers is still a problem. A lot of people killed and injured on the road for this reason.”

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The U.S. Department of transportation plans to require smartphone manufacturers to add a special driving mode. The function should leave the driver behind the wheel access to a minimum number of functions of the mobile device. To see the film, “Vkontakte” or reading Twitter while driving will not happen.

Despite the risks, many drivers continue to use smartphones behind the wheel. U.S. authorities are convinced that the main task of the driver is to safely get where he was going. In the near future they intend to appeal to the US authorities, to oblige manufacturers to use driving mode in smartphones for the legislative level.

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