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The US and Britain banned the movement in the cabin gadgets are larger than a smartphone

The US authorities have banned passengers flying into the country from 10 major international airports, to carry into the cabin of the aircraft electronic devices larger than a smartphone, they will have to take Luggage. This measure is related to Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. At the same time with the US a similar ban has introduced the UK authorities. A ban on the transportation of mobile electronics on airplanes, flying to England, touched six countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

“According to intelligence, terrorist groups continue to plan attacks against civil aviation, actively applying new methods to carry out attacks, including hidden bringing aboard explosive devices under the guise of various consumer goods,” said U.S. officials.

In this regard, the US and the UK took the decision effectively to compel the passengers to take the Luggage to any device, “which are larger than mobile phones or smart phones”. In other words, we are talking about tablets, laptops, DVD players, electronic books. The officials did not specify the device parameters which would be considered potentially dangerous. Authorities say that when checking Luggage all electronic data will remain intact, and the rule will be in effect for all passengers regardless of nationality.

For the US the list includes the airport, and Queen alia in Amman (Jordan), the international airport in Cairo (Egypt), Ataturk airport in Istanbul (Turkey), airport name king Abdul Aziz Jeddah airport king Khalid in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), international airport in Kuwait international airport in Casablanca (Morocco), Hamad international airport (Qatar), international airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

Formal notification carriers will get the March 21 at 08:00 East coast time USA (15:00 GMT), then they will have 96 hours to begin to apply this rule. “If they fail to fulfill them, we will consult with the Federal aviation administration so that their license has been revoked, they lose the right to fly in the US”, – explained in administration.

Representatives of some of the airlines confirmed the receipt of regulations that restrict the transportation of electronic devices in aircraft cabins. For example, Saudi Arabian Airlines has notified its customers that on direct flights to the US are now forbidden to carry on Board the plane laptops and tablets in hand Luggage. The restriction takes effect next Wednesday.

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