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The updated App allows Admin to roll back to the previous version of the application “in one click”

This week MacDigger talked about App Admin program that allows you to download from the online catalogue Apple older versions of mobile applications. The makers of the App Admin has announced a new version of the utility, which greatly simplifies this task.

Installed on the mobile device Admin App connects to the App Store and downloads a list of all available in the App Store versions of the desired application. To find out the room by opening the file iTunesMetadata.plist, which is stored in the folder /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/. In the update App Admin 1.0 r-18, the developers have added a useful option which eliminates the need to deal with numbers of releases: the user only has to choose the desired application from the Updates section and click Downgrade to Previous to go back one version ago.

In what situations required the jailbreak apps? The need to rollback to the most recent releases can be caused by the appearance in the updates to software limitations. To remember at least delete the music from “Vkontakte” and “Classmates” or different kinds of bugs and crashes in programs. Thanks to the App Admin can be returned FOR any missing functionality.

App Admin is available for free on iPhone and iPad with jailbreak. With the release of the latest update, the minimum supported version is iOS 7.

The program is in the development stage, but users already have access to a stable beta. To test the app but on iPhone and iPad with jailbreak to open the link.

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