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The update came out the app “Vkontakte” with the meter display and new voice messages

“VKontakte” has released an updated app for mobile devices on Android and iPhone. Now users of the social network can see how many hits scored one or the other publication.

This is the first update of the mobile client of “Vkontakte” in 2017. The main innovation was the update count of the recording. It is located under the post and see not only the authors but also to other users. According to the creators of the social network, a new feature, along with the huskies and reviews will help you to evaluate the popularity of the record and to understand what information is of interest to subscribers.

Also you can now hide stories from specific people. On iPhone this is done on the history screen via the settings icon. With this history you can now view and in user profiles, go to settings — right on the screen create or view history.

To use voice messages “Vkontakte” became more comfortable with the “raise-to-record”. This feature allows you to record messages by simply holding the phone to your ear. In the same way, you can listen to messages through the earpiece. For this you need to start the playback of the message and immediately put the phone to your ear. If you have received multiple voice messages in a row, they are automatically played in turn. Voice messages can now be rewinding gesture swipe.

If during recording the history of the device plays music, it will not be stopped and will be recorded together with the video. If during the creation of the history press twice on the screen, the smartphone will switch between cameras. Long press while viewing the history removes all interface elements and stops the story, so you can see the picture.

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Download the app “Vkontakte” at this link.

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