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The unknown began to publish in the Telegram the full version foreign and Russian TV series

Mobile messenger Telegram appeared a channel which has published the full version of the Russian and foreign serials. This fact drew the attention of the creators of the channel Flibusta — banned in Russia, the online library that created in the Telegram bot for download books.

Among the serials found on the channel called “New season”: “Game of thrones”, “Daredevil”, “x-files”, “Vinyl”, the cartoons “family Guy”, “Futurama” and “South Park” and the Russian TV series “the Method”. Some of the series, judging by the name of the files that are downloaded from the Russian legal services, for example, from “Imediately”. Foreign serials have Russian voice-over.

Published on the channel “New season” began in mid-February. To date, canal over 6,000 subscribers. New episodes are published in the format .mp4 that plays on both the iPhone and on Android devices.

Previously, copyright holders have demanded from the administration to remove Telegram bot blocked in Russia site Flibusta, through which the illicit proliferation of books. A letter was sent to the administration of the messenger by the Association of copyright protection in the Internet (ISAPI).

According to the right holders, the user is anchored Telegram to nick Flibustamirrorbot found three books, the rights to which are owned: “Yandex” publishing house “Alpina publisher”, “All the king’s men”, by Mikhail Zygar, the publishing house “Alpina publisher” and “confessions of an economic hit man” by John Parkins publishing “a Pretext”.

Flibusta blocked in the country since the summer of 2015 for the illegal distribution of three books of writer ray Bradbury (according to the requirement of “Eksmo”).

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