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The Ukrainians announced a “killer” AirPods wireless headphones AirPhones, with autonomy of 12 hours and Siri support

Wireless headphones existed before the AirPods, but since Apple presented a completely wireless headset, many considered it their duty to show their vision of such a device. Ukrainian startup Concepter, specializing in accessories for iPhone, announced wireless headphones AirPhones. The device will boast advanced touch controls, great battery life and Siri support.

As told on his page in Facebook the head of the Concepter Oleg Malenkov, AirPhones is a completely wireless, lightweight headphones with a built-in touch-control, with which you can communicate with the voice assistant Siri or Google Assistant. They come as athletes, there is passionate music lovers, thanks to the “crystal clear sound level Hi-Fi”.

In Concepter told that wireless headphones AirPhones will be able to work up to 12 hours of battery life, and a special antenna provides greater range and stable connection with your mobile device. According to the developers, the model will receive a number of unique features not found in any other headphones.

Last week it was reported that the Concepter failed to raise funds for the production of multifunctional iblazr cover Case for iPhone. The authors of the project hoped to collect on Kickstarter $70 000. However, interest in the accessory was not high enough, so the project was forced to close. The head Concepter told that at CES 2017 will be presented a completely new product — obviously, it was about wireless headphone.

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