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The Ukrainian showed how it would look like the App Store, if it started in the 80-ies

Ukrainian programmer Andrey Tkachenko has launched a new online project, which showed how it would look like the app stores of Apple, if they existed in the 80-ies of the last century. The site is called App Store is called Retro.

Designer stylized under the operating system MS-DOS in the App Store, Mac App Store, and Google Play. Retro versions allow you to browse categories and read their descriptions. In this case, when you try to buy the service directs the user to the original version of the site.

How do I find the resource AIN, the project was created for the promotion of the service in creating websites for mobile applications from the App Store.

The idea behind the styling was born. “On Wednesday came in coworking, and had no desire to engage in the tasks list for the week. And the theme of retro toys in the spirit of Doom many people like. Thus was born the idea: “what if the App Store would be in the 80’s? It looks like Norton Commander,” says Andrew. On the create page, he spent less than a day.

Operating system MS-DOS was released by Microsoft in August 1981. During the 80’s and early 90’s, she was the main for the IBM PC. The final version of MS-DOS was completed in September 2000.

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