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The UK sold sugar under the guise of the iPhone 6s

Not the first time people become victims of scammers who offer to buy new gadgets from Apple at a better price. One of the victims was a British man from Manchester.

UK resident was the victim of a street vendor after I decided to buy iPhone 6s. At three o’clock he was approached by a stranger with a proposal to buy two new smartphone Apple. The man offered to pay 500 pounds, which is 50 000 rubles, for two fashionable gadget.

The buyer raised the price for the iPhone 6s, so he without hesitation gave the money. But when the man looked in the box, he waited only disappointment: the smartphone was not there. Instead there were packets of sugar. By this time the fraudster managed to escape from the scene.

The local police appealed to residents of Manchester with a call to be more cautious. According to law enforcement, often these vendors sell counterfeit or stolen items.

“We encourage people to be more vigilant. If the deal seems very beneficial, you may sell fake or stolen thing,” commented the Manchester police, where the victim appealed.

However, the Twitter police Department responded to the incident with irony. “Another day, another Scam. The guy has laid out £ 500 for two iPhone 6s, and now he is a proud owner of a very expensive bag of sugar,” wrote the guardians of order in the social network.

Sales of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus started on September 25. New iPhones are traditionally caused high demand all over the world – three days had sold more than 13 million smartphones.

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