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The U.S. patent office revoked a key Apple patent on the design of the iPhone

Office patent and trademark office revoked the patent D618,677, sponsored by the engineers at Apple. This patent protected one of the key aspects of the iPhone – namely the design of a mobile device with a touch screen. Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States recognized it invalid on several points that were necessary for the court to reach a verdict in favor of Apple in which ended not so long ago a court case against Samsung.


To revoke a patent on the design of the iPhone decided after anonymous request, which indicates errors in the patent D’677. Who was the initiator of the investigation is unknown, but there is every reason to believe that Samsung employees. They drew attention to the differences described in the document design of the iPhone and the solution implemented in the final version of the smartphone. This error is contrary to Chapter 35, United States Code, and, therefore, a valid patent to admit.

A few years ago, the patent and trademark office invalidated 20 points patent number 7,469,381 on “rubber” scroll (“rubber-banding”) in iOS and Mac OS X. In particular, was declared invalid item 19, which is the manufacturer of iPhone and iPad cited in the lawsuit against Samsung, which became the subject of the proceedings in the district court of California and on the basis of which the jury ruled in favor of Apple, obliging the Korean company to pay compensation of $548 million.

I must say that in both cases we are talking about the preliminary decision of the U.S. Patent office, although the deviation of all points of the patent for the design of the iPhone leaves some chance that the final decision would be in favour of its conservation.

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In the case of patent D618,677 document had time to visit as evidence in court. On the court she found violations in the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S II for AT&T Galaxy S II for T-Mobile, Epic 4G Touch, Skyrocket, Showcase, Infuse 4G, Mesmerize and Vibrant. Now Samsung may request a judicial review.

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