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The U.S. government wants to accuse Apple of aiding terrorism

Apple have long been attacked by the American government because of introduced in iOS 8 data encryption. Journalist Benjamin WITTES watching what is happening in the highest echelons of power, does not exclude the possibility of open pressure on the company. The company can be accused of supporting terrorism and thus be forced to implement backdoors for iPhone us intelligence.

In recent years Apple has paid much attention to the security of user data. It would seem that such actions should deserve only praise. However, there will always be someone unhappy. In this case the U.S. government.

The Obama administration and the FBI may well be traced to excessive love for data encryption a threat to national security, says the journalist. After all Apple services not always benefit ordinary people, there are also potential terrorists. To calculate which becomes the harder, the better protected data. So, high-ranking officials are likely to put pressure on Apple, citing the issue of security of the country.

Earlier, the U.S. has already been addressed in court with the requirement to provide security services all the necessary data upon request. Apple defends their rights, citing the fact that such action will simplify the work of hackers of all stripes. Among them may be terrorists.

In may, Apple and 140 of the top U.S. companies wrote an open letter to President Obama, asking it to reject any proposals regarding changes in current policy on the protection of personal data of users. They believe that the wrong decision under pressure from the FBI and other intelligence agencies, may lead to a significant weakening of the global cybersecurity and leave ordinary citizens defenseless to hackers.

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According to former NSA employee Snowden, U.S. intelligence agencies repeatedly allowed leakage collected by them private information about users, including high-ranking officials, journalists, etc., as well as data about the vulnerabilities in network protocols and software to international criminal groups and foreign intelligence services, thus endangering the citizens and businesses around the world.

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