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The U.S. government has demanded that Apple to crack iPhone 12 more

The U.S. Department of justice demanded from Apple to hack 12 iPhone for more information in unsolved cases. About this newspaper the Wall Street Journal referring to informed sources.

The release did not elaborate on what cold cases are we talking. However I noted that unlike the case of the attack in San Bernardino, these criminal cases not related to terrorism.

According to sources, prosecutors want to use 18th century law called All Writs Act to compel Apple to fix iPhone security lock and to help you get the information from the communicators, which could be used in the case records.

On 16 February the FBI on the basis of a court decision demanded from Apple to provide the special software which will allow you to gain access to information stored on an iPhone that belonged to the terrorist involved in the attack on the centre for assistance of persons with disabilities in San Bernardino. The attack 14 people were killed and 21 were injured.

Authorities are still trying unsuccessfully to read the information from the iPhone in question. For the Apple data encryption on devices is standard practice, many of the gadgets are password protected.

CEO Tim cook said that he would contest the FBI. He stressed that Apple engineers and so have provided the authorities all the data that are important from the point of view of investigation of the terrorist act. Cook added that the Corporation does not intend to disclose such software.

Then the authorities declared that there is only one iPhone, but not on all devices Apple. In support of the California-based giant has already spoken by such corporations as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft. Against the decision Apple has made by the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump and the founder of Microsoft bill gates.

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