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The U.S. government accused Apple of lying about the iPhone unlock terrorist

The U.S. Department of justice accused Apple of false rhetoric and deliberate “construction of technical barriers” in an attempt to thwart the actions of the authorities in a dispute about access rights to the data contained in the terrorist iPhone from San Bernardino. “The company’s arguments are false, the company creates obstacles, in an effort to thwart the execution of court orders,” reads the statement of the Ministry.

The dispute between the government and Apple actively gathered momentum last month when the FBI received a court order requiring Apple to write new software and to take other measures when you disable passcode protection and allow access to the iPhone. On 25 February, the Corporation asked the court to release her from the earlier decision to hack the smartphone. In his address to the court, the Corporation has invoked the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects freedom of speech and guarantees the right “not to be constrained to the expression”.

Later, the court in new York ruled that the U.S. justice Department could not force Apple to unlock iPhone terrorist. According to the court, the authorities have not provided sufficient grounds to force Apple to help the government against their will. The U.S. Department of justice has been left disappointed by the decision.

Authorities blame Apple for refusing to help in the fight against terrorism and criticise themselves kupertintsev behaved as if they were the “main defenders of the privacy of Americans.”

“The rhetoric company was not only false, but also destructive to the institutions that best ensure the freedoms and rights of citizens: the courts, the fourth amendment and the democratically elected branches of government, said in a statement.

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The Ministry of justice noted that Apple deliberately created additional technical barriers to prevent the execution of the judgment. The authorities urge the court to reject the previous decision in favor of “Apple” and force Apple to cooperate with the FBI.

In addition, the U.S. justice Department accused Apple in cooperation with the Chinese authorities in the matter of requests for user information. “According to Apple, China demanded information from the company about more than 4 000 iPhone in the first half of 2015, and Apple has provided these data 74% of the time” — say in the Ministry of justice. Earlier Apple said in court documents that to unlock iPhone arrow from San Bernardino will require a month of work and 10 developers, and creating in fact a new version of iOS.

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