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The U.S. Congress is concerned that trump continues to use Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3

The President of the United States Donald trump is still refusing personal secure smartphone and continues to use your own Android phone. This fact became interested in the U.S. Congress, which plans to conduct a special investigation.

After the inauguration of President Donald Trump recommended to change your “Google phone” on a secure device, which was approved by the Secret service. To do this he must, at the insistence of the security service of the White house.

Nevertheless, the President continues to use “unprotected old Android smartphone”. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3. This device was introduced in 2012, and last update for the device was released in mid-2015.

This fact wrote some thematic publications in the first days after the inauguration. Then you would have thought that those responsible for the question people just do not have time to solve this problem. But time passes, and the Galaxy S3 continues to be a major new US President. Earlier this bothered the senators, and now have expressed dissatisfaction with the us Congress.

As it became known, Congressman Ted Lew is going to initiate an investigation on this fact. In the letter, which was signed by 14 members of Congress argues that experts kiberbezopasnosti sure that the Android phone that trump continues to use, despite repeated warnings from the intelligence services, can easily be hacked. It is likely that in the end, the US President will be forced to change the smartphone.

Predecessor trump Barack Obama during the presidential term used a special version of BlackBerry, which most of the functionality was blocked. He later changed the camera on the iPhone, which allowed him to go to some sites, read news and emails from your smartphone.

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