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The twins are unable to cheat Face ID

Journalists Business Insider checked out how accurate Face ID detects the person’s face.

Greg and Brian Fibery decided to check the accuracy of face recognition Face ID. At first Greg tried to unlock the smartphone with glasses, cap and scarf. iPhone X coped with this task. Then Greg gave the smartphone its twin brother Brian, that he tried to unlock the iPhone X by using your face. The brothers were surprised when the iPhone X do not recognize the face of Brian.

I was shocked that iPhone X was able to distinguish between my brother and me, because some family members can’t distinguish us from each other. Now I know that Brian can’t unlock my smartphone as I did. This is a nice surprise.

Greg Fiber

Instead of a fingerprint scanner Touch ID in iPhone X used the face scanner Face ID. Every time a smartphone owner looks at the locked screen, various sensors and cameras scan his face, projecting it more than 30 thousand invisible points. They create a map of the face that the iPhone handles in a neural model on a separate chip.

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