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The transposition date of 1 January 1970 turns in “brick” any iPhone

User forum Reddit has discovered a critical vulnerability of the operating system iOS, which disables Apple devices. To do this, simply move the smartphone or tablet.

To reproduce the crash on your device go to Settings –> General –> date & time and move the toggle switch “Automatic” to “Off”. Then you need to set the date 1 January 1970. After that restart your device.

According to the bloggers, as a result of these actions, the iPhone turns into a “brick”. The device cannot be returned to life even after a restore in DFU mode. Even if the user tries to re-recover the OS on the device, it still will not boot. The problem affects all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with 64-bit processors (A7, A8, A8X, A9 and A9X) on any version of iOS.

Note that 1 January 1970 is the date on which the calculus is so-called UNIX-time, sometimes also called “computer time”.

The video shows an example of the exploit:

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