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The transition from Windows to domestic GosLinux will save the state budget 10 billion rubles a year

Administration of the Vladimir region at the forefront, the Windows operating system from Microsoft out there to replace the domestic “Goslings”. The Institute of development Internet (IRI) has estimated that the budget will save more than 100 million rubles per year, and scaling of the experiment for the whole of Russia will save 100 times more. Golinks has the protection system, as was developed by order of the bailiff Service. Now the system she is on 16,000 computers.

The potential savings in Vladimir region, which goes first to the domestic, will be about 100 million rubles, estimated by the Institute of development Internet (IRI). Now in area passes the pilot, in which more than 200 computers in regional administrations and some municipalities have established domestic OS “Oslinux” instead of Windows.

The pilot is successful: in the words of the Chairman of regional Committee of Informatization Andrey Klementyev, the domestic software solution is “universal” for officials.

According to estimates by IRI, the potential spending areas to support the 14 000 jobs, feature Windows, would have amounted to more than 163 million rubles, while the installation of domestic systems “Oslinux” costs a little more than 64 million rubles (the system itself is free, with paid support and maintenance).

Accordingly, the potential savings amounts to more than 99 million rubles. The scaling experiment for the whole of Russia will give even greater effect. So, currently, state agencies purchase Microsoft products (renewals and maintenance) of more than 17 billion rubles, while “Oslinux” will cost 6.7 billion rubles. Savings amount to at least 10 billion rubles.

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“Oslinux” is an operating system is open source, created by order of the Federal service of court bailiffs in 2013. It has built-in protection of information that allow processing of personal data of citizens without additional means of information protection. Currently “Oslinux” is set to 16 000 jobs and 660 servers in the service.

“Operating system — the basis and starting point of import substitution. In Russia at the moment created and maintained several Linux operating systems, one of them GosLinux. To install the operating system GosLinux do not need to pay the cost of the license, you only need to select the package integrator to install and support,” – said the Director of the competence Center “it + sovereignty” Institute for the development of the Internet Anna Mescheryakova.

However, the quick transition to the domestic is not expected.

“We have not had no problem to go to the “Oslinux”, — said the publication of Life Andrey Klementyev. — We believe the economy each workplace and based on that make decisions. While translated to “Oslinux” units, which have no compatibility issues with other necessary applications. But, say, of lawyers we translate on their own can not, because to work they need a legal framework, which so far is only compatible with Windows. So developers come in: as you solve compatibility problems in the domestic is to move more units.”

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