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The third part of popular puzzle game The Room is available for download in the App Store [video]

The App Store came the third part of the famous series of puzzle games The Room. Developers offer fans of the genre even more intricate puzzles and riddles.

The idea for the Room is very simple. In the game there are several rooms-levels where all the attention is focused on the table, namely, caskets, boxes and other items lying on it. They contain an unlimited number of secret latches, divisions and compartments. From the gamer are required by management to find clues and loopholes to open the locked drawers.

In The Room Three first time that living people (at least one), while the magic glasses added a new lens that allows you to find the microscopic details in the keyhole, for example.

The third part was a great step for the series, and solve puzzles like never have in strange and unusual locations. The debut of the project took place on iOS, and later the game will be released for Android. The original The Room, released in 2012, was the best game of the year by Apple. The release of The Room Two took place in December 2013 on iOS and on Android.

The developers recommend playing in The Room Three on the iPhone 5 (and above) or iPad 3 (and above), since when playing on the earlier models – iPad 2, iPad mini 1 and iPhone 4s – can cause problems. What kind of problems there is a speech, is not specified.

“Finally released the long awaited sequel to games the Room (award BAFTA “Best game the UK 2012”), and The Room Two (“editors Choice web site CNET in January 2014 year”). C pleased to present The Room a Three — and- physical game in the genre of puzzle with beautiful interactive world. Not resist the call of the unknown, you arrive on a distant island, where you have gathered all your skill to pass the test of the mysterious stranger, who calls himself a “Master.”

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Download The Room Three for iOS 5.1.1 and above. The developers have estimated the project at 279 rubles.

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