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The thief returned the iPhone to the owner, received from him a polite message via the “Find my iPhone”

Despite the existence of the function Find my iPhone, Apple devices remain one of the favorite targets for thieves, swindlers and robbers. In Kazakhstan, the thief returned the stolen iPhone, received a polite message from the owner of the smartphone. A curious incident occurred with a prominent businessman and Director of several restaurants in the city of Almaty. Details of an unusual theft he told the correspondent of the publication Tenginews.

“I was playing with friends in a computer club and was distracted. And the phone was lying to my right on the couch. And the thief was standing in the back, it turns out, and stole my phone. Immediately after he learned that he had stolen the phone, watched the video from surveillance cameras. Then wrote the message in the function “Find my iPhone” the following: “Dear thief, I have your video please give me my phone. Can leave it at any of the restaurants where I work”. Then I wrote a statement to the police about the theft,” the iPhone owner.

The next day at the restaurateur came the relatives of the thief, and apologized for the incident. They returned the iPhone to the owner. “Now, I want to take his statement to the police, I excused myself” he said.

The latest revisions of Apple’s operating system to disable the service “Find my iPhone” or reinstall the OS can not be without knowing your Apple ID and password of the owner. This technology makes meaningless the theft of mobile gadgets. The device owner can remotely locate the device, play a sound, display a message or use the lost mode to lock the device and track its location.

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