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The technology to control appliances with the power of thought

The head of the advanced research Foundation (PEF) Andrey Grigoriev reported on the successful completion of the project on the development of an interface “brain-computer” which allows to control appliances via the power of thought. The organization now works to properly execute the transfer of the project.

Earlier in January 2015 PEF representatives reported that they have held for the President of Russia Vladimir Putin demonstration of robot controllers by using the electrical signals of the human brain. The interface is based on the use of electrical brain activity, to register using the technique of electroencephalography, reports RIA Novosti.

“There is a project interface “brain-computer”, which repeatedly has demonstrated. Know-how, which are there laid down, is already interested Federal bodies of Executive power. Were the relevant issues, so we handed them the appropriate intellectual property and the result is in accordance with our law,” said Grigoriev.

Also Grigoriev said that Russia started the development of a new generation of equipment “soldier of the future “Warrior-2”. In the first stage, scientists are conducting brainstorming sessions, during which form a shared vision of what should be military equipment in 15-20 years.

Earlier it became known that the development of “Warrior-2” can take up to 15 years, thus, the equipment may appear in Russia to 2025-2030 years. The “warrior-2” will have to come to replace the “Ratnik” — Russian fighting equipment “soldier of the future”, incorporating about 10 subsystems: small arms, sets of protection, reconnaissance and communications.

The Foundation for advanced studies was established in the fall of 2012. It is positioned as a Russian equivalent of the advanced research projects Agency DARPA at the Pentagon. Its main objective is the promotion of high-risk research and development in the field of defence. Currently the portfolio of 49 projects, of which 26 are in the implementation stage.

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