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“The sword of king Arthur” – when the game is not so bad

We can all congratulate mobile games – they successfully intercepted the older ones the privilege to release the app-support for release of some high-profile films from Hollywood. If before – ten years ago – the share falls on the authors of third-rate console project, now doing mobile Studio: for example, pocket Warner Brothers, which made for smartphones Batman and Mortal Kombat X. so to the release of the new movie about king Arthur with brad pitt appears little helper. And, contrary to custom, is very good.

The story of the local “king Arthur”, of course, intersects with the original, but it is strongly what is called “explanation” will only match the synopsis. Brief poverty and the grueling training of the future leader, fighting with a textured opponent and a glowing sword in the scabbard. A small prologue-training, and then – a few hours journey along Britain of the fifth century.

The game itself is an endless series of succeeding in fights. From you, in principle, nothing more is required: we need fervently shaking his fists and a sword – thus, Yes. Each encounter begins with a simple intonation. You are not bothering anyone, as the army runs out of villains; the villains are hostile. A brief skirmish, aggression in the air, and then – the fight!

The combat system is clearly taken from mobile Batman, one of the usual Batman, and that’s from Assassin’s Creed. So that you are comfortable and understand how. All built on the predestination of the reaction of the enemy – Anglo-Saxon swings, you Tapao, Arthur holds a convincing counterattack. In the second lull beat-you can simply scribbling on the screen, and you can apply uppercuts and kicked in the jump. Protection, too, there is sometimes a counteroffensive will not go, then it is advisable to jump out of it or put blocks. If it becomes very tight – pull out the Excalibur and shred to pieces.

Fighting in the game fun – after all, the formula works perfectly for ten years – but there are a couple of problems. Much tied on speed, attention and, as a consequence, one mistake can cost a lot – at least, the final stars “for effort”. Touch screen, alas, is so arranged that it reads is not always true. In the end, you click the counter, and Arthur, for example, bounces away and gets on the cap. Sometimes this vault is repeated for the second, third, fifth time in a row and feel like quitting in a rage.

Speaking of stars – the game is old, but well implemented technique “stun ten people and get a reward.” And we, indeed, fills the statistics to the Treasury fell a new coin. She then goes in business: you can buy something important and necessary.

And finally – the screenshots don’t show it, but “King Arthur” looks great – after all, the same technology that most beautiful of Mortal Kombat X. Almost real people, sweaty protagonist, cool special effects, decent animation only. A beautiful picture is largely due to the chamber levels, well, what now – at least, so.

“The sword of king Arthur” is not worth any money, which is logical – after all, it’s a companion app, not a standalone game. The main objective of the project is to draw attention to the film. It is not known how to cope with this mission mobile, “King Arthur”, but it can say for sure – happened. Given free of charge, you can try – for a long time in the phone the game is not prescribed, but its share of drive will give.

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